We are one of the few quartz wholesale countertops sellers who offer a lifetime warranty and are environmentally certified!

Raphael Stone is an industry leader in wholesale manufacturing and distribution of quartz surfaces for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity and walls used in either commercial, residential, medical and industrial spaces both indoor and outdoor.

Calacatta Arabescato Quartz Countertop by Raphael Stone

Best Quartz Countertop Wholesale Company In North America

Raphael stone, the premium quartz wholesale countertops seller, provides high-quality quartz countertops at an affordable price with a lifetime warranty.

Why Choose the best quartz countertop for your home or office with Raphael Stone? Because we are committed to providing only top-quality quartz wholesale countertops. And our countertop will last longer than you could ever imagine! Our company offers an affordable price and lifetime warranty on all of our quartz lines. This is because we are the best choice among many competitors in the quartz wholesale industry. When it comes to your countertop, you want something that will last. Quartz is the only material recommended by architects and designers for its durability-quartz surfaces can withstand anything – hot dishes dropped on them without breaking apart or scratches from knives being thrown into an architect’s table saws with no effect at all! Quartz wholesale suppliers who offer top-quality products alongside affordable prices and lifetime warranties together? We do our very best not only to meet these needs but to exceed them.


Inspired by you and your imagination, we’ve been crafting the most trusted countertops for over decades. Now it's time to take that journey with us! Let us help bring out all those dreams so they come alive on their own terms: perfect yet versatile shapes created just how you want them!

Calacatta Romano Quartz by Raphael Stone

We offer a lifetime warranty and are environmentally certified!

The right countertop can make all the difference in your home or office. If you’re looking for long-lasting, top-quality quartz slabs that are both affordable and environmentally friendly we have just what you need with our products! We, Raphael Stone, as one of the best quartz wholesale countertops sellers in North America, also make sure that our products are environmentally friendly for future generations. As a result, our company is the most trustworthy quartz wholesaler in North America. See Certifications.

Whether you’re looking to make a statement with your kitchen countertops or just need something simple and elegant, there’s no better material than Raphael stone. From vanity tops in every color imaginable all the way down to gorgeous natural gradients that can be custom-colored according to an individual’s needs – we’ve got what everyone will love! We provide countertops for your home and bathroom, such as kitchen counters or vanity tops.

A perfect quartz countertop company that is inspired by you!

Every home needs a perfect kitchen countertop and we have just what you’re looking for! From in-your color choices to custom designs, our company offers the best of everything when it comes down to being able to find that one piece that will make any room complete.

With our wide variety of kitchen countertop options, there’s something for everyone! From sleek and simple designs to more elaborate customizations like natural gradients or vanity top color; we have the perfect quartz stone on site today. Come by our showroom at 600 Willow Tree Rd, Leonia, NJ 07605 if you’re interested – just make sure not to wait too long before visiting because these wonderful pieces sell quickly!

Raphael Stone’s headquarters is located in Leonia, NJ, with a distribution center, showroom, & office, available for clients to purchase at wholesale prices. Find our NJ showroom and warehouse on google maps. To check our other quartz countertop wholesale showrooms and warehouses, click this link. Click here to find a quartz countertop store near you.