With our Quartz Countertop Certification, you can be sure that your countertops will meet the highest industry standards.

Raphael Stone’s quartz countertops are NSF Certified

With our NSF quartz countertop certification, you can be confident that your countertops have been tested for safety. We believe that Raphael Stone surfaces are safe for direct contact with all food types. This is because our material does not allow the growth of surface mold or bacteria, which can cause illness in some people who eat foods made on these dirty dishes! Raphael Stone surface materials are deemed safe to use for direct contact with all food types. Our surfaces are nonporous which helps prevent the growth of surface mold and bacteria.

What is NSF Certification for?

NSF certification is the gold standard for public health protection. When you buy NSF-certified products, it means that the manufacturing plant has met specific standards in order to ensure public health protection. Click here to check our NSF Certified Products.

Greenguard Certified


Raphael Stone, with their Greenguard Gold certification and quartz countertops that are among the world’s highest standards for indoor air quality, make them thousands of dollars more efficient than other options on today’s market. These products will be better not only for your health but environmentally conscious too! Raphael Stone is committed to providing the highest standard of indoor air quality. This means that you will be healthier and environmentally conscious while using this product too – what could be better?

What is Greenguard Certification for?

When purchasing a product that’s been GREENGUARD Certified, you can be confident in its low chemical emissions. The certified items have undergone stringent testing and proven to emit few VOCs–in other words, they’re guaranteed not to give off any unnecessary toxins into your home or office space!

USGBC Certified


USGBC developed Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a third-party certification program and the US nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings.

Certificate of Kashrut


Our countertops may be kashered for Passover and maybe kashered from Diary to Meat (or vice versa). Kashering can be performed using water from a kli rishon, which should be directly poured onto the countertop.


Kosher Certification is the stamp of kosher approval by a rabbinic Agency verifying they have checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non kosher substances. The Kosher Certified symbol assures consumers that both the actual product and its production adhere to all Kosher Law requirements.
Kosher Ceritification for quartz countertops
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