Acher Cohen: CEO Of Raphael Stone Collection

Acher Cohen, the CEO and Lead Designer of Quartz Master sold the company and started a brand new company Raphael Stone Collection.

Acher Cohen grew Quartz Master from a small shop to over 150,000 square feet of quartz manufacturing and distribution operations serving North America and Canada. “Quartz Master already enjoys leadership as a top-quality quartz manufacturer and distributor across the country,” said Acher Cohen. “I plan to build Raphael Stone Collection as a new leader of the quartz manufacturing industry.”

Emotions and passions are attached to the name of the new company that Acher built. His father, Raphael Cohen, passed away. After that, Acher wanted to create a new brand after his father’s name. And finally, he started Raphael Stone Collection. I created my company as a tribute to my dad, Raphael. He’s always on my mind, Acher said. “This new chapter of my life will be filled with many opportunities while never taking for granted where I began and my journey to this point,” he added. “I’m incredibly proud of Quartz Master, which I have built for years, and I am excited about my future with Raphael Stone Collection.”

Acher Cohen CEO

Acher Cohen At His Office


As Acher Cohen reflects on his journey, he smiles. Where he stands today is a stark difference from 20 years ago, when he first set his eyes on Quartz. Acher was born in the beachfront town of Caesarea. Growing up in Caesarea was a constant reminder to Acher that some stones last forever!

An Unparalleled Drive and Ambition to Succeed

At the age of 18, Acher joined the Israeli military. After his return from serving the military, Acher boarded a plane headed to Newark, NJ. His destination was his uncle’s tile showroom in Jersey City. He was 21 years old, and his only money was what he’d saved from work. He did not understand English, yet he was determined to overcome all obstacles and make it in America. He worked long hours, saved money, learned the tile business, and tried to perfect his command of the English language. 

He opened his first tile and marble showroom a year after arriving in America. It was tiny, only 500 square feet, which was a miniature of what he had set forth to accomplish. But gradually, he opened more locations and started to fabricate countertops. In 2009, when he set his focus on quartz and began Quartz Master, things started to take off.

Acher started with 40 designs. He had many blockbusters and discontinued or changed those that didn’t sell. Every month, Acher was selling more and more quartz. He had found his niche but knew he still had to continue to expand and push forward. His customers often complained about the maintenance and the expense of natural stone, but they bought it because of its intrinsic beauty. So, he designed quartz that replicated natural stone’s beauty and majestic look.

Marble and granite, although beautiful, are softer and higher maintenance stones. The hardness and malleability of quartz fascinated Acher. He knew that the possibilities in color and design could be endless. He used his imagination and ingenuity. And after a year of many attempts, in 2011, he introduced the world’s first marble-look design to quartz. It was an overnight success; he added more designs to the collection every year. While other manufacturers of quartz attempt to replicate his work, few can match the seamlessness and precision of his designs.

Never satisfied with anything less than perfection, Acher continued to push boundaries and create authentic-looking marble designs on his quartz slabs. Only a trained eye could distinguish between Acher’s work and natural marble; the veins ran so deep that they mimicked nature.

Designers often told him that they would like to design larger areas, so Acher then set his sights on book matching his marble designs. And just like the ancient stones that surrounded him in his youth, his quartz is manufactured to last forever. His entire quartz collection comes with a lifetime warranty. Because of Acher’s hard work, creativity, and ingenuity, Quartz Master is now an established brand. 

Before selling the company, Acher added 52 new designs to the Marble Collection, most of which were book-matched. There were more than 100 designs in the Entire Collection. All of them are also available with a leather finish. Acher’s last addition was the 2019 European Collection.

Raphael Stone Collection: A New Chapter

“I have a big plan for Raphael Stone Collection. I will develop a new approach to sales by building commercial and residential business segments. Also, create new channels and find compelling ways to work with distributors that are entirely new for the world. I’ll create new ways of elevating Raphael and establish our reputation as I did for Quartz Master.”, said Acher Cohen. 

Acher Cohen CEO

Acher Cohen At KBIS

“Consistent innovation is my passion, and I will continue to bring more new exotic quartz designs for Raphael Stone Collection. Initially, I will add Porcelain Slabs and Paver to the Raphael Stone Collection. However, Marble Collection, European Collection, Leather Collection, Mineral Collection will continue.” he added. Acher’s quartz collection comes with a book match and leather finish.

Porcelain Slab is the latest progression in the surface industry. With even more unique design opportunities, it features long-lasting beauty, extreme strength & versatility, easy installation, and high performance. Porcelain is the ideal choice for all of one’s design needs, including Kitchen – floor and countertops, Bathroom – wall, floor tub surround, vanity tops, Lobbies – floor and wall, Medical spaces all settings, Commercial areas for Interior and exterior, cladding & furniture. Acher brings Marble-look to the Porcelain Collection.

If you ask Acher how he envisions the future, he knows that the future will be bright with God’s blessing. And one thing is for sure; he will continue to work hard and take risks that will propel Raphael Stone forward as he did for Quartz Master. Initially, Raphael Stone started with distribution centers in New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, Illinois, and California. His immediate vision is that every state across the United States and Canada will have a Raphael Stone warehouse.

Acher is proud of where he is today but knows it is only the beginning. He never places limits on his imagination. He is confident it will enable him to push boundaries to surpass expectations. This formula worked well for him. He is grateful to his wife, two children, family, and many friends. His friends often say that Acher is as challenging, resilient, and brilliant as the quartz he manufactures.