Sharon Cohen: The President of Raphael Stone Collection

Sharon Cohen is the president of Raphael Stone Collection.

“I am planning big for Raphael Stone Collection. I will develop a new approach to sales by building commercial and residential business segments. Also, create new channels and find compelling ways to work with distributors that are entirely new for the world. I’ll create new ways of elevating Raphael and establish our reputation.”, said Sharon Cohen.

Sharon has been preparing for this position for many years, and he will do it very well,” Acher Cohen, the CEO of Raphael Stone, said. “Raphael’s plan is strong and will endure, and I am confident that our best years are yet to come.”

“I am honored to carry on the family tradition at Raphael,” Sharon said. “I realize I have big shoes to fill, but like Acher, I am very confident about Raphael’s future.”

Raphael Stone Materials are a testament to the company’s ingenuity product technology, environmental and social concern. We uniquely provide our clients with the sturdiest surface material by combining the hardness and durability of quartz with the exceptional low maintenance qualities of man-made materials. It is all these qualities that make us the preferred manufacturer of low maintenance, durable, and extraordinarily strong quartz, which is both stain and contamination resistant. For one of the world’s top experts of Quartz surfaces, look no further than Raphael Stone.

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