Sharon Cohen- President of Raphael Stone

Sharon Cohen: The President of Raphael Stone Collection

Sharon Cohen- President of Raphael Stone

At his office: Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen is the President, and co-founder of Raphael Stone Collection Inc. Raphael Stone collection is one of the largest wholesale distributors of Quartz slabs on the East coast. It has over ten distribution centers throughout the United States.

Sharon’s remarkable vision for success has allowed him to exalt the Raphael Stone Collection brand. “We are a family business providing superior quality wholesale quartz countertops while maintaining the largest Calacatta selection in the industry,” Sharon says. He added, “customer satisfaction is part of our company’s core values.” Sharon’s experience in the stone industry has given him a unique perspective on building projects, which he brings with his latest business ventures.

Besides being the President of the Raphael Stone Collection, Sharon is a family man. Sharon lives in Tenafly, New Jersey, with his wife, Shani, and two beautiful children. His wife Shani, is also the successful business owner of Bio Skin Laser.

Sharon Cohen-President Of Raphael Stone

Sharon Cohen at KBIS show

Before devoting his full time to Raphael Stone Collection Inc, Sharon had worked in the stone business for over 20 years. Upon arriving in the United States, his beginnings were formed by working within the family
business with his brothers. After several successful years and gathering many experiences in the stone industry, the brothers founded Raphael Stone Collection. His brother Acher Cohen is the CEO of the company.

Since then, Sharon has successfully served as an entrepreneur in several business ventures. He is not only in the stone industry but also in large construction projects and real estate developments.

It is Only Beginning

Besides taking care of the business, he loves working on new quartz countertop collections. Sharon loves spending time with his family, traveling, and sailing. Sharon is the type of person that you want around your house. He’s reliable, dependable, and loves to have fun with family members or friends on days off! Sharon also likes nothing better than spending time by boat in between work projects when he isn’t traveling.

Sharon’s success in the stone industry wasn’t just a one-off thing. But rather something that he applied to his other business ventures. He has gone on record saying that this is only going towards being more successful as time goes by. And he will continue building up to larger projects for himself with each passing day!

Sharon’s entrepreneurial journey has centered him around the vision that every single slab we sell is not just a sale; our brand is now part of a community. This opportunity is humbling to who we are- Raphael Stone Collection.