Quartz Become The Best Choice For Stone Decoration

The quartz stone is a rising star in engineered stone. The significant benefits of quartz countertops became clear to American consumers in the 90s, and their popularity grew swiftly. Quartz manufacturer like Quartz Master with excellent quality has now become one of the popular brands. Quartz engineering methods have been around for over 50 years, but this highly-durable material has only recently gained in popularity. Two key factors play a role in its rise in popularity. Quartz is durable, and it is easier to maintain than both marble and granite. In the past, quartz lacked in design, color, and beauty. But today, quartz can be engineered in designs and colors that ignite the imagination.
Quartz is not only the perfect material for designing kitchen and bathroom countertops, but you can also use quartz on wet bars, backsplashes, tub decks, wall cladding, tub/shower surrounds, and even furniture.

The benefits of quartz countertops have certainly won us over:

1. Consistent, uniform appearance.
2. Heavy, solid slabs make for great, long-lasting surfaces that can typically be installed in one piece.
3. Wide variety of colors – and unrivaled availability.
4. Exceptionally hard and durable.
5. Highly resistant to chips, dents, stains, and other surface damage.
6. Very low porosity which limits bacterial growth.
7. Heat resistant.
8. No need for re-sealing.
9. Low maintenance.
Taking advantage of quartz stone, quartz stone not only inherits the beautiful pattern of natural stone, but also has better performance than natural stone, such as strong hardness, temperature resistance, low water absorption, no bleed, etc., and 100% environmental protection, non-toxic radiation-free. Controllable thickness and size, richer colors and patterns make quartz stone a perfect substitute for natural stone.


Why Raphael Stone?

Raphael Stone, headquartered in Lodi, New Jersey, with warehouses throughout North America, is one of the largest quartz manufacturing companies in the US. Recently, it opened a new quartz factory in Turkey. Raphael Stone sells to Designers, Builders, Home Owners, Distributors, and Fabricators. Raphael’s quartz slabs are much larger than industry standards at 127” x 64”. As one of the largest suppliers of quartz stone, we also sell the highest quality porcelain, mosaics, porcelain pavers, and engineered marble.
Raphael’s collection of quartz filled with colors and textures. It offers more than 70 colors and patterns which 40 of them have marble-look and book-matched. All the products come with LIFETIME WARRANTY* and free delivery** within a day or the next day up to 50 miles radius to the customer’s location. You can also order up to 3 Free Samples.


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